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Hydrologic and Hydraulic
Online Tutorial Series

1. Intro to HEC-HMS

Basic Introduction to HEC Hydrologic Modeling System
This tutorial is to get you familiar with the basic uses of HEC-HMS. You will create a new HMS project and add an existing conditions basin model, 2 meteorological models and a control specification file. Using these created components you will run the simple hydrologic model and view the results. Additionally, for this tutorial you will export a basin background map from AutoCAD via a custom Wier & Associates visual basic for applications routine.

              Click [here] for the HMS tutorial

2. Intro to AutoCAD Map

Basic Introduction to AutoCAD Map (Geographical Information Systems for CAD)
This tutorial provides an overview of the functionality of AutoCAD Map. First is a basic intorduction to geographic and projected coordinate systems. Next we investigate inserting images with world files, preprojecting AutoCAD drawings and importing shapefiles. Additionally, this tutorial demonstrates how to import contour shapefiles and adjust their elevations based on the elevation property. Finally, we explore the use of FEMA Q3 data with AutoCAD map.

              Click [here] for the GIS Tutorial

3. Detention Pond Design

Designing Detention Pond Facilities (Modified Rational and Level Pool Routing)
First, we will investigate the differences and applicability of both the level pool routing and modified rational rational design approaches for designing storm water detention facilities. Using Wier & Associates PondMAC v2.0 program we will calculate detention sizes with the modified rational approach. We will then explore level pool routing with Haestad's PondPack using the stage-storage-outflow realationship of a proposed storm water detention facility.

              Click [here] for the detention pond tutorial

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